About Soliton......

THE MISSION:  Our goal at Soliton is to enhance our understanding of coastal oceanography by means of applying simple dynamical theories to high quality observations obtained in the field.  Our primary area of expertise is Physical Oceanography, but we also enjoy collaborating with biological, chemical, acoustical, and optical oceanographers to work on interdisciplinary problems.  We collaborate frequently with numerical modelers to improve predictive skill in the coastal zone and marginal seas. 

 THE NAME:  A soliton is a specialized form on highly nonlinear internal wave that maintains its form over great distances.  Solitons are most commonly formed where strong tidal currents interact with abrupt topography, for instance at the edge of the continental shelf or over shallow sills in straits.  Some of the most energetic solitons in the world are generated in the Luzon Strait between Taiwan and the Philippines, where we have been working for twelve years now.  Besides, the name just sounds cool.   The company logo shows a band of breaking waves under a buoy being deployed off the fantail of a ship.  These waves are the surface signature of a very strong internal soliton.

 THE ART:  The original paintings used on this page are collages of paper and watercolor on acrylic, all composed and painted by Ms. Alyssa M. Ramp.  They all depict oceanographers at work on the R/V OCEAN RESEARCHER I in the South China Sea.  The T-shirts are awesome.  Don’t wait for the movie.